Tips for Extending the Life of Your Honda

Our Honda-trained technicians will help you keep your Honda running in top shape. Here are few tips to ensure to extend the life your vehicle:

Align and Balance Tires:

Your tires will last longer if properly aligned and balanced.

Ensure your tires are rotated every 10,000 km:

Rotate your tires even sooner if you do frequent driving at high speeds.

Replace Engine Oil and Filters:

These are important for the life of your vehicle. Our Honda trained advisors will let you know when to replace oil and filters.

Drive on the highway once per month:

By taking your vehicle on the highway once a month you heat up the engine and burn off condensation that may be in the oil and internal parts of the engine.

Use the air conditioner even in winter for 5 minutes once a month:

By running your air conditioner you will keep the system lubricated. Turn on your heater in the summer months to ensure that your air distribution system does not seize or stick.

Replace timing belt:

Change this belt every 100,000 km.

Make washing and waxing your car a habit:

Keeping your vehicle clean help to prevent rust damage, dent and paint chips. Regular washing and waxing and having and undercoat applied will keep your Honda in great shape.

Schedule maintenance:

Take the time to schedule regular maintenance with Performance Honda. We will take care of your Honda just like we take care of our own!